In 2016 I went on a quest to find a dance fitness class where I could indulge my love of Musical Theatre, dancing to show tunes, whilst getting fit and feeling fabulous. When I realised that this type of exercise class didn’t exist, I took a leap of faith and launched ChiChi Fit in October 2018.

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What is ChiChi Fit?

We provide a revolutionary, theatrical dance workout that combines music from fabulous shows with simple-to-follow routines that focus on cardio fitness, strength and toning.

ChiChi Fit is the new dance fitness craze sweeping the globe! It is an innovative, empowering, new way to work out. Classes are designed for all ages and abilities! It’s a dance fitness class with a musical theatre twist.

ChiChi Fit lets you be the star of your own show as you step into the spotlight and dance to your favourite show tunes whilst getting fit!

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How is ChiChi Fit Unique

Our individuality sparks from two different aspects of the business…

Firstly, we provide a business model to allow likeminded people to train to become ChiChi Fit instructors. Ongoing support and training is provided.

Secondly, we come from theatrical training backgrounds so are able to provide the very BEST training and excellent dance choreography. ChiChi Fit have created fabulous, ready-to-go routines and classes to save you valuable time and hard work.

ABOUT chichi fit’s founder

danella MERCATI

In the spotlight

Danella trained in Musical Theatre at Guildford School of Acting (GSA). Shortly after graduating, a job offer took her to the Caribbean and the exclusive Parrot Cay resort where she worked alongside many well respected performers, one of whom gave her inspiring and career changing advice. It was Sir Paul McCartney! He planted the idea of opening her own Performing Arts School to use her skills to their full potential – teaching, choreography and directing. He shared a wealth of knowledge about his own school in Liverpool, LIPA, and in 2003, CAMEO Stage School was born teaching musical theatre to children.

This led to parents asking for adult musical theatre classes. It quickly became apparent that the thing they loved the most was dancing to musical theatre songs and getting fit at the same time. 

Danella has always been passionate about health and fitness. She coaches people to be their own boss in creating healthy, fulfilling and financially secure lives. ChiChi FIT is a perfect model for this philosophy carrying its own message of fitness, fun and entrepreneurship to a new and eager market. Danella has 18 years’ experience teaching Drama & Musical Theatre at The Cheltenham Ladies College where she enjoyed an opportunity to train at the Moulin Rouge, Paris, for a BBC4 Documentary.

ChiChi FIT COLLABORATe with craig revel horwood

For such a showbiz-centric workout, I made it my mission to collaborate with someone I felt embodied the fun and sparkle of my unique offering, as well as making it more visible throughout the UK…

Enter Craig Revel Horwood! Craig loved my ideas and the business model and jumped on board. He was instrumental in helping me set up and develop the ChiChi Fit programme, acting as a valued mentor and giving me huge inspiration. He’s been unbelievably kind and supportive. Together, we developed ChiChi Fit’s first class along with the huge vision for ChiChi Fit’s future…all over the country and worldwide!

However, with his busy schedule, it slowed progress, so I braved it and continued solo with him cheering loudly from the wings and taking opportunities to endorse the company!

Today I have newly-trained instructors spreading ChiChi joy everywhere they go, and the plan moving forward is to have ChiChi FIT classes available all over the world!

Craig Revel Horwood from BBC Strictly Come Dancing

ChiChi FIT mission and vision statement

We dream big here at ChiChi Fit because we truly know that ‘dreams really do come true!’ So, here’s what we want to bring to the UK & Globally with our classes:

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Empower people to get fit in a way that feels fun and energising

We want to bring out the most sparkly, fit, happy and healthy version of you through show tunes and dance.

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Continue to become one of the leading dance fitness classes in the UK and worldwide

We are building a UK-wide class and instructor base and have even launched in Australia, so watch this space!

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Train ChiChi Fit instructors to be the best and most highly regarded in the business

We want to get a worldwide base of instructors and become the go to brand of dance fitness!

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Promote a new feel of fitness

We want to provide fun fitness with a hint of glamour, showcasing our theatrical fitness with a showbiz buzz and show tunes that take you on an emotional, exciting, energetic journey!

What is ChiChi FIT all about?

Igniting passion and rekindling hobbies!

I’d love to tell you a story about one of my recent class participants…

“That took me right back to my school days when I danced and performed and absolutely loved it”

I realised I had heard that phrase a number of times and it made me question why, as grown-ups, we quit on all our childhood hobbies yet encourage our kids to embrace them?

Hobbies matter, they’re fun, and fun is happy! So, if you don’t have a hobby but you would like one, it’s time to reminisce…

Research suggests that hobbies we enjoyed between the ages of 7-14 would be a fairly safe bet to revisit. Apparently, the joy is still within us. For me it’s dance. I have always loved the big musical shows, where my imagination takes over and for the length of the class, I am the star of the show! Dancing is like entering a whole new world, full of glamour, where everyone just wants to enjoy themselves.

Hobbies are not a frivolous thing, they actually make you more interesting and give you something to talk about that adds depth to your identity. People enjoy surrounding themselves with curious, passionate people who have stories to tell. A rich, active life is inspiring and will inspire others too. I will forever be grateful that I turned my love of dance into my career.

Here’s to finding your happy hobby.



Step into the spotlight!

Sparkle, shine, sweat and feel amazing

Be your own boss and the star of the show

All the while making great money

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