WHERE fitness meets the stage

ChiChi Fit is the dance fitness craze sweeping the globe! It’s fun, theatrical fitness that lets you step into the spotlight and dance to your favourite show tunes whilst getting fit!

Combing music from fabulous shows with simple-to-follow routines that focus on cardio fitness, strength and toning, ChiChi Fit lets you be the star of your own show.

Classes are designed for all ages and abilities!

we are unique

Our individuality sparks from two different aspects of the business…

Firstly, we provide a business model to allow likeminded people to train to become ChiChi Fit instructors – getting paid to dance and keep fit all whilst living their Broadway dream!

Secondly, we come from theatrical training backgrounds so are able to provide the very BEST training and choreography. ChiChi Fit have created fabulous, ready-to-go routines and playlists to save you valuable time and hard work. 

chichi fit’s founder

danella MERCATI

Danella Mercati - ChiChi Fit Founder

ChiChi Fit owes its creation to the brilliant mind of Danella Mercati. Drawing upon her extensive background in musical theatre and dance, and her dedication to fitness and wellbeing (and an opportunity to work with Sir Paul McCartney who gave her life-changing advice!!), Danella merged these passions and realized her dream – a vibrant and theatrical fitness class that places you squarely in the spotlight as the star of the show. 

ChiChi Fit offers a fresh and invigorating fitness experience that will redefine how you perceive exercise. Immerse youself in the perfect blend of dance and aerobics, all set to an energetic backdrop of showtunes.

Through expertly crafted choreography, you’ll be empowered to look and feel like a dancer, even if you’re not one!

Experience the best of musicals in each class—tracks from Les Misérables, Hamilton, Wicked, SIX, Frozen, Hairspray, Moulin Rouge, and more!

With over 25 years of experience teaching Musical Theatre, Danella possesses the expertise to guide you towards both physical fitness and happiness through the power of dance fitness.

craig revel horwood – Ambassador

For such a showbiz-centric workout, I made it my mission to find someone I felt embodied the fun and sparkle of my unique offering, to endorse it and eventually become the Ambassador of ChiChi Fit.

Enter Craig Revel Horwood! Craig loved the idea of a Musical Theatre inspired fitness class and was instrumental in setting up and developing the ChiChi Fit programme, acting as a valued mentor and inspiration. He’s been unbelievably kind and supportive. Together, we developed ChiChi Fit’s first class along with the huge vision for ChiChi Fit’s future…all over the country and worldwide!

It is such an honour to have BBC Strictly’s favourite judge, proudly spreading ChiChi’s message of fun and fabulous dance fitness!

Today, with a larger supporting team at ChiChi HQ, we have newly-trained instructors spreading ChiChi joy everywhere they go, including Australia, USA and Ireland.

Danella Mercati & Craig Revel Horwood

ChiChi FIT’s mission

We dream big here at ChiChi Fit because we truly know that ‘dreams really do come true!’ So, here’s what we want to bring to the UK & Globally with our classes:

White Star

Empower people to get fit in a way that feels fun and energising

We want to bring out the most sparkly, fit, happy and healthy version of you through show tunes and dance.

White Star

Continue to become one of the leading dance fitness classes in the UK and worldwide

We are building a UK-wide class and instructor base and have even launched in Australia, so watch this space!

White Star

Train ChiChi Fit instructors to be the best and most highly regarded in the business

We want to get a worldwide base of instructors and become the go to brand of dance fitness!

White Star

Promote a new feel of fitness

We want to provide fun fitness with a hint of glamour, showcasing our theatrical fitness with a showbiz buzz and show tunes that take you on an emotional, exciting, energetic journey!

how does it feel to be a chichi fit instructor?

Igniting passion and rekindling hobbies!

“Look at me, can’t you see I’m FABULOUS baby” Sister Act

We recently received an email enquiry from a lady considering training as a ChiChi Fit instructor. After referencing everything she loves about ChiChi Fit, along with her reason’s for wanting to become an instructor, she asked,

“What does it feel like to be a ChiChi Fit instructor?” 

This picture sums it up perfectly! You feel like you’re taking your class on an exciting, glamorous adventure into the dazzling, theatrical world that is Musical Theatre.

Dancing along to the best showtunes takes you on a journey to FEEL happier, to FEEL more positive, to FEEL healthier, to FEEL stronger and to dazzle like the star of your own Broadway show. You leave each class FEELING FABULOUS! (and a little sweaty!) 

We’re so excited to be opening our studio doors once again and welcoming new instructors to our LIVE in-person trainings. AND, we’re keeping our ONLINE trainings on offer too so there’s something to suit everyone.



Step into the spotlight!

Sparkle, shine, sweat and feel amazing

Be your own boss and the star of the show

All the while making great money

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