“FAB-U-LOUS! ChiChi is a great cardio and toning work out with routines that are easy to follow but choreography that makes you feel like you’re on a West End stage! Suitable for all abilities, and great fun classes.” Louise, Gloucestershire

03 Totally fabulous

“ChiChi Fit is totally fabulous! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get fit and have some fun. The uplifting tunes coupled with Danella’s infectious enthusiasm are a winning combination. I am not able to attend live classes usually so I have...

02 it was so much fun

“Just did the most fabulous class this morning, filled with classic show tunes, razmataz and sparkle. I worked so hard but it never felt like hard work because it was so much fun!” Rachel, Cheltenham

03 I burned more calories

“In today’s class I burned more calories, spent 9 mins at my peak heart rate and had a higher average & max heart rate than when I do one of my gym’s workouts at home! Plus, it was a lot more fun than burpees! So, dancing really is good for...

05 Everyone needs to be doing ChiChi fit

“I love ChiChi fit. As a professional musical theatre performer, it keeps my fitness levels up where they need to be so I’m prepared for the next job. Alongside that I keep check of calories burnt on my iWatch and nothing else burns as many calories! You...