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It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap!
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“I’m meant to be where the spotlight shines!
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Given the incredible demand for ChiChi Fit classes, it’s an absolute no-brainer to consider adding ChiChi Fit to your teaching timetable! The unique blend of dance, fitness, and theatricality sets ChiChi Fit apart from any other workout out there. We would be thrilled to have you join the cast.

The incredible opportunities our instructors are given alongside Craig Revel Horwood, make them feel like true showbiz stars!

Try a ChiChi Fit class before you book your training: CHICHI FIT ON-DEMAND

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Online Dance fitness instructor training

Led by ChiChi Fit Founder and CEO, ChiChi Fit’s LIVE & Online training day allows you to participate from the comfort of your own home while feeling like you’re in the room together. Connecting with the other participants is a valuable and special element of the training experience. 

Immerse yourself in the world of ChiChi Fit, learn the choreography, and develop the skills needed to deliver exceptional classes.

ChiChi’s brand Ambassador, the FAB-U-LOUS Craig Revel Horwood, endorses and contributes to ChiChi Fit trainings adding an extra layer of credibility and recognition to your certification.

On completing the training day, your ZAZZ membership is activated giving access to training materials, choreography, music and on-going monthly support to keep you on top of your game!

Most exciting of all are the incredible opportunities our ChiChi Fit instructors will enjoy alongside Craig Revel-Horwood.

Online Training costs just £230
ZAZZ Membership costs £25 per month

Dance Instructors

ChiChi Programmes

Initially everyone trains in our signature programme ChiChi FIT. It’s a fun, fast-paced, high-cardio dance workout designed for all dance and fitness abilities. You’ll learn:

  • An introduction to the ChiChi Fit brand
  • The unique qualities of being a ChiChi Fit instructor
  • A ChiChi Fit Masterclass – The Magic of Musicals
  • How to bring the choreography to life
  • How to promote and launch your ChiChi classes
  • How to access ongoing training and choreographies
  • How to be the best in the business!


Should you wish to take on any of ChiChi Fit’s additional programmes – ChiChi KIDS, ChiChi ENCORE (50+ slower paced, lower impact) and ChiChi CHAIR, there is no additional training day required. You learn all the skills along with how to access more indepth learning during your ChiChi FIT training.

ChiChi FIT is our signature programme, fun, addictive and where the roots of ChiChi Fit began. Get ready to unlock a world of fitness fun with ChiChi’s musical theatre inspired dance! It’s a transformative full-body experience that boosts cardiovascular health, enhances flexibility, and brings unparalleled joy to your fitness journey. 

Learn simple-to-follow routines from a variety of different shows. Dance to upbeat showstoppers and beautiful ballads. You will sweat and sparkle as you dance through as many as 12 routines a class. The choreographies are enough to challenge a seasoned dancer but are accessible even to the beginner. No matter what fitness or dance level you’re at, ChiChi FIT is safe, fun, and effective!


Introducing ChiChi ENCORE, our golden alternative – reimagining fitness at 50+. Ideal for those who desire a dance fitness experience at a slower pace and lower intensity that still guarantees an abundance of fun and excitement! 

Dance fitness isn’t just for the young. It’s a joyful and rejuvenating way to boost cardiovascular health, enhance flexibility, and embrace the fullness of life. Enjoy easy-to-follow choreography to include warm-up exercises, cardio routines, toning exercises, and a cool-down session. Dance to fabulous showtunes from the golden era of musicals, right through to today’s musicals adding a nostalgic touch to your fitness journey.

Routines in ChiChi ENCORE are designed with lower impact moves and offer flexible adaptations to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your mobility, enhance your coordination, or simply have a great time while getting active, ChiChi ENCORE is the perfect fit.

Get ready to dive into the world of dance fitness that’s redefining aging gracefully.

Your ENCORE “First Class” of routines costs £50 which includes all choreography, music and trainings, and your first month’s membership is FREE. Membership to the ENCORE programme costs just £5 per month which includes ongoing choreography and training!

Perfect for our younger ChiChi fans is ChiChi KIDS (6-13 years). Energize a child’s world with the magic of Musical Theatre fitness! Discover how it not only keeps them active but also nurtures their creativity, coordination, and confidence. The power of fun and fitness combined is where health meets happiness!

ChiChi KIDS is a chance for kids to be active and theatrical, whilst singing and dancing to songs from their favourite musical shows. Featuring hit songs from The Lion King, SIX the Musical, Hamilton, High School Musical, Matilda and many more.

Your KIDS “First Class” of routines costs £50 to include all choreography, music and trainings, and your first month’s membership is FREE. Membership to the KIDS programme costs just £5 per month which includes ongoing choreography and training!

*A valid Enhanced DBS Check is required to teach children.

Introducing ChiChi CHAIR, our inspired seated fitness programme that brings all the showbiz fun and pizzazz synonymous with ChiChi Fit.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of fitness, regardless of their physical limitations. With ChiChi CHAIR, we aim to provide a fun, inclusive, and accessible fitness experience that brings joy and vitality to individuals who may face challenges with standing exercises.

ChiChi CHAIR is ideal for a range of individuals, including the elderly, wheelchair users, those dealing with obesity, and those in the process of rehabilitation after an injury. It provides a fantastic low-impact way to incorporate movement and exercise into their routine, promoting overall health and well-being.

Your CHAIR “First Class” of routines costs £100 to include all choreography, music and trainings. There is a 50% discount if instructors purchase the programme in the first month after training – only £50 and your first month’s membership is FREE. Membership to the CHAIR programme costs an additional £5 per month which includes ongoing choreography and training.

*A valid Enhanced DBS Check is required to teach elderly.

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Join one of our dance fitness
instructor training courses today!


In just one, intensive day, you can qualify to teach!

Training includes ACT 1, 2 & 3 below.

Here’s your showbiz schedule:

First you will enjoy the theatrical experience of a 45-minute ChiChi FIT Class – the class you will learn to teach.

Following this you will:

♥   Break down and learn the steps and skills to teach each routine, to include effective warm-ups and stretches.
♥   Master techniques to deliver the best showbiz fitness classes on the market!
♥   Discover what makes ChiChi FIT’s programme unique & why classes are in such high demand.
♥   Learn how to establish your business effectively so it will expand and thrive.
♥   Be introduced to ZAZZ, your private membership network.

You will be observed dancing through routines led by your ChiChi trainer. This interactive session provides an opportunity for observation and tailored feedback.

As you dance through the routines, an assessor will be observing your performance, paying attention to various aspects such as technique, execution, and stage presence. This careful observation allows them to provide specific feedback that is tailored to your individual strengths and areas for improvement.

Once you have completed your assessment, you will engage in a one-to-one video call with your Trainer. During this personalized session you will receive individualized guidance to help you grow and improve as a ChiChi Fit instructor. This feedback will not only guide your development but also welcome you into the cast of ChiChi Fit.

During the call, you can have any questions answered and collaborate with your Trainer to create a personalized plan for launching and running your ChiChi FIT classes successfully.


ZAZZ is designed to develop both you and your fitness business to set you up for success. Membership includes:

  • Videos and step-by-step guides of all routines, so you can perfect them in the privacy of your own home.
  • New routines and content every month.
  • Full use of all marketing, branding, music and choreography.
  • Logos and images for use in marketing material.
  • Marketing and legal advice.
  • Encouragement and support, which includes access to the instructor team community ‘Backstage’.

ZAZZ Membership – £25 per month. Additional ChiChi programme cost £5 per month. NO additional training day is required to offer ChiChi KIDS, TEENS & ENCORE. All training is provided and on-going via ZAZZ.

Enjoy the most valuable membership you ever subscribe to!

All choreography is done for you…

The complex musicality of show tunes present unique challenges. That’s why every ChiChi FIT routine is choreographed in its entirety, ensuring a seamless fusion of fitness, rhythm, tempo, storytelling, and musical style. Our expert choreographers have carefully crafted each routine to effectively incorporate all these elements, resulting in classes that not only provide a great workout but also make participants feel like dancers.

By providing fully choreographed routines, we save our instructors precious time and effort, allowing them to focus on delivering an exceptional class experience. You won’t need to spend hours choreographing routines from scratch. Instead, you can dedicate your time to learning the choreography and confidently teaching it to your class.

This approach not only guarantees that every routine will be fabulous but also ensures consistency across all ChiChi FIT classes. Participants can expect a high-quality experience, regardless of which instructor leads the session.

With ChiChi FIT’s fully choreographed routines, you’ll have the tools to create an unforgettable experience that will have your participants feeling like dancers and coming back for more!

What can a ChiChi Fit Instructor expect to EARN?

Teaching just 2 classes a week at £6 per class with an average of 20 attending makes £240 (clearing approx £200 after venue hire). Teach 4 classes per week and you’re doubling the income – £400 for 4 hrs!

Getting fit

Feel like the star of the show every single class

Your clients will see you as sensational! If glitter and sequins are your thing, feel free to sparkle up your fitness gear to razzle dazzle!


Quick but effective training, with ongoing support. You’ll be earning right away!

You’ll step out of the chorus and into the lead!

Following your passion and doing what you love will provide the shine and sparkle you’ve been missing!

Instructor - lead role
Getting fit
All That Jazz


Step into the spotlight

Sparkle, shine, sweat and feel amazing

Be your own boss and the star of the show

All while making great money

Double Star Background



from instructors

“I have just completed my training course at the weekend and I’m still absolutely buzzing from it. The training itself started with a 45 minute master class and I just knew instantly from that short amount of time that I had made the best decision. Danella is such a wonderful instructor, so welcoming and really puts you at ease whilst training. I currently teach in the community and my adults and kids can’t wait for their first class. I recommend anyone with a passion for musical theatre, dance or even love to sing along to show songs to give the classes or training a go. Thanks so much Danella I can’t wait to get started.”

– Adele, Glasgow

“Without ChiChi FIT I would never have found my sparkle.”

– Lauren, Cheltenham

“ChiChi Fit is amazing! I did the training online from Australia and it couldn’t have gone better! Danella is an amazing trainer and made the process so fun and provided great attention to detail. I felt like I was in the same room as her and the other participants yet I was on the other side of the world. The programme is simply fabulous and I think we will see a lot more ChiChi classes popping up all over the world. Thank you Danella and ChiChi Fit for offering this amazing program and doing it all with such fun and class!”

– Alanna, Australia


Anyone 18+ with a passion for musical shows, dance and fitness. Running ChiChi Fit classes does require a lot of energy, so you do need to be able to dance solidly for at least 45 minutes! However, rehearsing for your classes will soon have you high-kicking and flicking effortlessly. 

In-Person Training: clothing you can dance in, good trainers, a water bottle and some food, although shops are nearby.

Online Training: a good internet connection, the Zoom app installed and Jazz Hands at the ready! You will also need a small resistance band. You will receive a recommended band in your welcome email after booking a training.

  • Every ChiChi FIT routine is carefully choreographed from beginning to end to ensure it embodies the theatrical dance style from the show it has been taken along with an effective, results driven fitness element. The fitness moves are simple but make you look and feel like a dancer.
  • You will have access to filmed routines via the membership portal where you can learn and copy each routine.
  • We also provide training on how to learn routines easily and how to implement them in your classes along with written instructions of every step.

There are no prerequisites to becoming a ChiChi Fit Instructor, although a fitness or dance background is always a plus, along with a love of musical theatre! 

ChiChi FIT dance fitness instructor courses are considered a specialty certificate, just like Pilates, Zumba or Yoga. 

PASSION is essential!


  • After completing your ChiChi Fit instructor training, you can begin teaching whenever you feel ready!
  •  Instructors act as independent contractors, giving you the freedom to set your own hours, schedule, prices and terms etc at any facility you choose. 
  • Before teaching your first class, you will need to allow time to practice on your own to become confident with the choreography of routines, the music and the lyrics! 
  • We also encourage you to set up your own social media page to get more clients. You’ll receive advice on this during the training.

We want to support your dreams, not replace them, or dampen them. This is an exciting opportunity to expand your performing career, placing you in the lead role, and all whilst keeping you fit, fabulous and financially secure.

As a professional performer you’ll know there is nothing sweeter than making a living doing what you love, however, the world of theatre is elusive. You may be between roles, working part-time, or need some extra cash. Becoming a dance fitness instructor allows you to do what you love, wherever you find yourself located, whilst making money. 

This is a way to keep you in, or get you back into the industry!

We know how much time it takes to teach a class AND create your own choreography. This is why we do it for you, so you can earn more money, quickly, whilst your class is guaranteed to get moving and sparkling! You can be certain that every routine has been carefully created to ensure your classes are the best in the industry.

There are plenty of classes around the UK (and even some in Australia & America), but if you can’t get to a live class, book an online class with founder Danella. See our classes in action, or contact us to experience a free taster session.

Our one-day ChiChi FIT training qualifies you to teach ALL the ChiChi programmes – ChiChi FIT, ChiChi ENCORE, ChiChi KIDS & ChiChi CHAIR. Our signature programme, ChiChi FIT, forms the basis of the training day, and through learning your ‘first class’ of ChiChi FIT routines, you also learn skills to modify routines for all age groups. You can ‘mix & match’ all ChiChi routines into every class (with the exception of ChiChi CHAIR). When the curtain comes down at the end of the day, your subscription to ‘Zazz’, ChiChi’s online instructors’ portal, will continue to deliver monthly trainings and routines in all the ChiChi programmes.

If you want to teach ChiChi CHAIR and none of ChiChi’s other programmes, you can purchase the Online training course and learn at your own pace. Submitting a video of yourself leading routines will form your assessment which will also include a 1-2-1 video call.

Our one-day ChiChi FIT training qualifies you to teach ALL the ChiChi programmes – ChiChi FIT, ChiChi ENCORE, ChiChi KIDS & ChiChi CHAIR. Our signature programme, ChiChi FIT, forms the basis of the training day, and through learning your ‘first class’ of ChiChi FIT routines, you also learn skills to modify routines for all age groups. You can ‘mix & match’ all ChiChi routines into every class (with the exception of ChiChi CHAIR). When the curtain comes down at the end of the day, your subscription to ‘Zazz’, ChiChi’s online instructors’ portal, will continue to deliver monthly trainings and routines in all the ChiChi programmes.

Membership to ‘Zazz’, ChiChi’s private instructor portal, costs £25 per month for ChiChi’s signature programme, ChiChi FIT. Each additional programme costs £5 per month.

If you train and qualify in just ChiChi CHAIR, membership to ‘Zazz’ is £25 per month with NO option to include ‘add-on’ programmes. This is because the CHAIR programme does not require the dance, aerobic and fitness skills that the other programmes require so it is not a guarantee that CHAIR instructors will have the transferable skills to automatically teach the other ChiChi programmes without attending a separate training day. If you choose to train in ChiChi FIT, each additional programme is £5 per month.

*Each programme offers new routines and trainings every month so you develop a huge library of interchangeable routines to ‘mix & match’ for your perfect class.




Online Trainings - 10:00 - 16:00 GMT.