Low impact dance workout

Does this sound familiar?

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There are very few dance fit classes that suit reduced mobility and are not too high impact?

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I want to learn some simple dance moves but I don’t have a lot of confidence?

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Other forms of exercise and adult musical theatre classes are too technical / high level?

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I find it difficult to feel supported, included and empowered while exercising?


ChiChi ENCORE – low intensity Broadway dance fit classes

Enjoy a low impact workout that’s anything but boring! Get fitter doing dance fitness at a slower pace, totally suitable for your needs and ability.

Have a low impact workout that’s anything but boring!

Get fitter, but take things at a slower pace!

Discover that there is a dance workout for beginners that is totally suitable for your needs and current ability that you’ll enjoy!

ChiChi ENCORE is the golden alternative to ChiChi FIT. A fabulous beginners dance fit class that is slower paced and lower intensity. It’s as much fun as ChiChi FIT but not as fast!

Dance fit classes for everyone

ChiChi ENCORE – the golden alternative! ChiChi ENCORE blends musical theatre with low impact dance fit classes. It is designed for those of any age or ability, who want to dance and get fitter, but for whatever reason, need to take things at a slower pace.

Our low impact dance workouts are guaranteed to make you feel like the star of your own Broadway show! No matter who you are, or what your ability is, ChiChi ENCORE dance fit classes will keep you moving as your years advance.

The easy-to-follow choreography focuses on range of motion, balance, coordination and muscle strength maintenance, using the well-honed structure of warm-up, cardio, toning and cool down routines. 

Plus, there’s an additional array of fabulous showtunes including a flavour of the golden era of musicals. The routines will have flexible adaptations to suit your specific needs.

Our motto is...

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“to sparkle, shine, move, sweat and feel fabulous!”


What do our ChiChi ENCORE low impact dance fit classes involve?

45 minute group sessions with one trainer – the show leader!

You’ll be taken through a full aerobic low impact workout. Focusing on balance, mobility, stretching, and concentration. With a warm up, cardio, toning, and cool down routines.

ChiChi ENCORE is the ultimate dance workout for beginners

Working both the body and the mind. You won’t even feel like you’re working out because it’s so fun. Don’t worry about feeling self conscious – no one will be looking at you, everyone is enjoying their own experience and focusing on learning the moves.

Rekindle your passion for musical theatre

Maybe you used to be part of the industry and for whatever reason can’t be anymore. You might dance to a song that’s really special to you – the first musical you ever went to see or your all time favourite. Carefully curated songs to make you feel something whether you’ve seen the show or not.

Promises and Guarantees of ChiChi FIT

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You’ll have a ‘grand old time’

An empowering, energetic atmosphere. It will be the best part of your week.

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You will feel sparkly, glamorous and fabulous!

Everyone can live their musical theatre dream. Step out of the chorus and into the lead!

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You’ll feel fit and energised while having a low impact workout

You’ll want to come back again and again. Especially as it won’t feel like a workout!


from customers and instructors

“Wow, so much fun. A great workout for all fitness levels and works the whole body. Loved imagining myself up on stage and dancing in front of a packed audience (but without any negative reviews to follow)”

-Debbie, Cheltenham

“I’ve been going to ChiChi ENCORE for a couple of months now, and I love it! The perfect mix of cardio and toning, choreography that really makes you feel like a dancer without being too tricky to follow, and a soundtrack of dreams! It’s the perfect feel good session.”

– Louise, Cheltenham


Step into the spotlight

Sparkle, shine, sweat and feel amazing

Be your own boss and the star of the show

All while making great money

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Don’t worry, you need absolutely no dance experience to thrive in our broadway dance fit classes. ChiChi ENCORE is designed exclusively with beginners in mind.

Just gym clothes, a bottle of water and your sparkle!

ChiChi ENCORE is designed for those, of any age or ability, who want to dance and get fitter but, for whatever reason, need to take things at a slower pace. If you’re living with reduced mobility, or perhaps aren’t as confident. Anyone who loves show tunes – particularly the golden oldies and classics.

Don’t worry, we modify things to suit everybody’s individual needs. Every low impact workout is designed to suit a range of abilities.

ChiChi ENCORE is unique because it blends adult musical theatre with dance fit classes. We ensure our dance workout for beginners suits those who need a low impact workout. We utilise all the skills you would in musical theatre but in dance fitness classes – you don’t need any experience to live your dream. We make sure our customers are the star of their own show.