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The ultimate musical theatre dance fitness class for adults

Does this sound familiar?

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You’ve been looking for a way to blend your love of musical theatre with fitness through a musical theatre workout?

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You’re struggling to find a dance fitness class for adults that suits all ages and abilities?

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Finding a fun fitness class that really makes you sweat, is proving difficult?

Keep fit with a musical theatre workout.

Make fitness fun again! Attending a dance fitness class for adults will help you: reignite your passion for Broadway, keep fit between shows / auditions, and socialise with other theatre enthusiasts.

Take part in musical theatre classes for adults.

Without being a trained singer / actor / dancer it can be difficult to enjoy dance the way you want to. With ChiChi FIT you can just enjoy your love of musical theatre, through exercise.

Attend a dance fitness class for adults, and have fun!

ChiChi FIT is for all ages and abilities. It is easy to learn and even easier to showcase your individual sparkle and glamour!


ChiChi FIT – a Musical Theatre dance fitness workout for all abilities

A workout that’s not just a fitness routine but a show-stopping experience!

How it works

ChiChi FIT musical theatre workouts infuse your fitness routine with the electrifying magic of Broadway.  Enjoy a sensational musical theatre inspired exercise class.

Shimmy and sweat to iconic showtunes. It’s not just a workout; it’s your ticket to a fitness experience that’s as fun as a front-row seat in a Broadway show, but in this show, you’re the star!

Learn simple-to-follow routines from a variety of different musical shows – Wicked, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Grease, SIX, Hamilton, Hairspray, The Sound of Music, and so many more. With 8 to 12 routines a class, you are guaranteed to work up a sweat as you sparkle!

Never danced before? Don’t worry! You don’t need any previous dance experience to enjoy a ChiChi FIT musical theatre workout class. The choreographies are enough to challenge a seasoned dancer but are accessible even to a complete beginner.

No matter what fitness or dance level you’re at, ChiChi FIT is safe, fun, and effective!


About ChiChi Fit

By combining dance fitness and musical theatre classes for adults, you don’t have the commitment of rehearsal, auditions, or worrying about being talented enough! ChiChi FIT exists to show you that you ARE talented, you do sparkle, and you can showcase your personality through dance! 

Whether you’re a complete beginner, a seasoned pro, a fitness fanatic or at the start of your fitness journey, ChiChi FIT is cleverly designed to suit everyone.

“What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play…”

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What do our ChiChi Fit classes involve?

A high energy dance fitness class for adults

A high energy, 45 mins, dance fitness class with a group of equally passionate individuals and one instructor. You will go on a journey through warm up, building intensity, toning and strength work, through to a cool down and stretch. This is a sociable workout – you’ll have fun, laugh and sing to your favourite Broadway and West End hits!

A dance fitness class for adults of ALL abilities

Anyone can pick up the moves. The choreography is easy to follow and really fun. There are also effective modifications for those who have more dance experience. You don’t need to be able to dance to feel like a dancer. Step by step, do what you can. This is a dance fitness class, so have fun and keep moving!

‘The show must go on’, so come as you are!

You don’t need to bring any equipment, everything is provided – resistance bands for strength work and glittery gold hats for Hollywood Glamour! Just bring a bottle of water, your gym clothes and your sparkle – Razzle Dazzle ’em!

A musical theatre workout for both the body and mind

This musical theatre workout is a feel-good experience like no other, centred around positive physical and mental wellbeing. You’ll leave a class on a ‘high’. Getting footloose on a regular basis helps to keep your brain sharp and you’ll burn loads of calories too!

A sociable, fun and empowering atmosphere

Don’t worry about feeling self-conscious or embarrassed – we promise no one will be looking at you, as everyone is following the moves and concentrating! BUT it is so fun, energetic and supportive. It can be hard meeting people as an adult. So why not come and meet like-minded people with similar interests and a passion for show tunes?

Promises and Guarantees of ChiChi FIT

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You’ll have an amazing time

With an inspiring atmosphere, fun and upbeat dance routines, you won’t even feel like you’re working out – but you are!

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You will feel sparkly, glamorous and fabulous!

Everyone is the star of their own show at ChiChi FIT. And everyone can live their Broadway / West End dream.

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Feel fit, energised, and ready to take on everything life can throw at you

‘Dreams really do come true’ at ChiChi FIT. Taking part in our musical theatre workout classes will help you be more energised and increase your fitness levels.


from customers and instructors

“Wow, so much fun. A great workout for all fitness levels and works the whole body. Loved imagining myself up on stage and dancing in front of a packed audience (but without any negative reviews to follow)”

-Debbie, Cheltenham

“I’ve been going to ChiChi ENCORE for a couple of months now, and I love it! The perfect mix of cardio and toning, choreography that really makes you feel like a dancer without being too tricky to follow, and a soundtrack of dreams! It’s the perfect feel good session.”

– Louise, Cheltenham


Unleash your inner star

Sparkle, shine, sweat and feel amazing

Dance like no-one is watching

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You don’t need to be able to dance, but you will feel like a dancer. Step by step, do what you can, it’s a fitness class, with simple moves. ChiChi FIT is designed for complete beginners, but there is some level of challenge so you can feel a sense of achievement.

Just gym clothes, a bottle of water and your sparkle! We will provide any resistance bands, or props you may need.

This class is for everyone! ‘We’re all in this together’. From beginners who think they have two left fit, to pros wanting a dance fitness class between shows! We mean it when we say no matter your dancing, or fitness ability, if you enjoy musical theatre, ChiChi FIT is for you!