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The fabulous Kids dance exercise class for musical theatre lovers!

Does this sound familiar?

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Your child wants to have fun singing and dancing, but not in a competitive dance school environment.

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I have shy children and they struggle meeting others and getting out of their insecurities?

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Other Musical theatre for kids is too pushy, and doesn’t give them enough exercise?


The ultimate Broadway kids dance workout class

Get ready for a dynamic fusion of fitness and showbiz magic!

perfect for our younger ChiChi fans

ChiChi KIDS classes aren’t just about staying active; they’re about embracing your inner performer while grooving to the tunes of legendary musicals. We believe that fostering a love for fitness at a young age shapes a healthy and vibrant future.

But that’s not all. Our classes are like a backstage pass to building confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, and coordination, all with a beaming showbiz smile!

Join us as we bring to life iconic songs from The Lion King, SIX the Musical, Hamilton, Wicked, Matilda, High School Musical, and a spectacular lineup of many more. It’s time to let your star shine!

Our motto is...

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“to sparkle, shine, move, sweat and feel fabulous!”


About ChiChi KIDS

Danella has a strong background in teaching singing, acting, dancing and dance fitness. She taught drama and Musical Theatre at The Cheltenham Ladies College for almost 2 decades!

She enjoys nurturing talent in children, watching their individual personalities thrive and shine, all whilst getting fit dancing to show tunes! 

ChiChi KIDS was designed so that musical theatre could be incorporated into kids exercise classes. It’s fun and addictive fitness!

nurturing young talent and Witnessing Unique Personalities Shine.

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What do our ChiChi KIDS dance workout classes involve?

ChiChi KIDS routines are cleverly choreographed, easy-to-follow and really fun, with no requirement for any previous dance training. They’ll dance through 8-10 tracks each class, experiencing different flavours of musical shows.

A cross between musical theatre for kids and kids dance exercise

ChiChi KIDS classes are set to a playlist of the best, most uplifting show tune classics! They’ll be singing, dancing, all whilst having a real workout!

Inclusive, supportive, friendly, energetic atmosphere

We encourage parents not to stay and watch the kids dance workout class (where possible). We want them to come out of their shell, make friends, and truly be their authentic self. You can be confident that your children will have the best time, especially when you see the smile on their faces at pick up!

fitness in disguise

Musical theatre for kids, incorporated with kids dance exercise, truly is fitness in disguise. Your kids will be having such a great time they won’t even realise they’re having a great workout!

Promises and Guarantees of ChiChi KIDS

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Musical theatre for kids dance classes will help them learn and hone key skills all whilst getting fit!

This is the most engaging and fun kids dance exercise!

White Star

Musical theatre for kids dance classes will help them learn and hone key skills all whilst getting fit!

Your child can step out of the chorus and into the lead, by living their musical theatre dream through kids dance exercise!

White Star

Your child will feel empowered, motivated and confident to take on the world!

Songs to listen to, that make you want to dance. ChiChi KIDS incorporates the best musical show tunes to get your children interested/motivated!


from customers and instructors

“I really enjoy ChiChi KIDS on a Monday after school. Danella makes everything fun, lively and sparkly. She says not to worry if we gets things wrong but just to enjoy ourselves and keep moving. I love keeping fit and learning new moves and after each class I feel so happy and full of life!.”

– Annabel (daughter)

“Annabel gets excited about doing ChiChi KIDS with Danella. I can clearly see that she gets masses of joy from learning to dance to popular show tunes and keeping fit with her friends. ChiChi KIDS is the perfect blend of fun, fitness and musical theatre joy! Thank you Danella.”

– Fran (mum)

“I love musical theatre so I love ChiChi KIDS because I get to dance to all my favourite show tunes! The routines are challenging enough to make me a better dancer, but easy enough to follow so the class is fast and fun and gets me fit. My instructor is amazing and the class is the highlight of my week. I’m so happy that I can do ChiChi KIDS online whilst school is closed as I can’t do any of my sport activities so this is my fun fitness.”

– Bella


Ignite their passion for musical theatre?

Sparkle, shine, sweat and feel amazing

Step out of the chorus, and into the lead?

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  • Kids between 7-12 and teens aged 13-16 with all ranges of ability.
  • Kids who love show tunes and musical theatre.
  • Classes are designed for all abilities, so they don’t need any dance experience whatsoever!
  • For those that do have experience, we will ensure they’re also catered for.
  • It’s about doing what they can and learning the basics until they feel more confident.
  • We encourage parents to leave their children and not stay, trust us, your child is more likely to come out of their shell if you leave.
  • If you stay, your child will be looking to you and won’t let themselves go.
  • We can promise that nobody looks at others, they need to concentrate on the instructor else they won’t keep up!
  • They lose their inhibitions because they’re lost in the music and the moves.
  • It’s actually great for shy kids because of the way it’s taught!
  • Yes, ChiChi KIDS dance exercise isn’t designed to replace any of those type of classes. It’s designed to supplement and benefit them.
  • If musical theatre is one of your child’s passions then our kids dance workout class will help develop and enhance that passion. All whilst being super active and keeping fit.
  • This class is great for coordination, confidence, self-esteem, memory and mental health.
  • If your child does something they enjoy and has fun they won’t lose interest.
  • Some dance classes can actually not be great for fitness, as you can be standing around breaking down routines, making sure everyone in the class has grasped them. It can be really slow paced. So this supplements fitness but also stays relevant.
Trust us, our kids dance workout class is anything but boring! It’s exercise in disguise!

We blend musical theatre for kids with dance fitness. All the best showtunes on Broadway and the West End are used in our workouts. It’s designed to bring out the inner star in every child. And we believe that all children deserve to be the star of their own show.