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ChiChi Fit Masterclass with Craig Revel Horwood


BBC Strictly Come Dancing judge!

Experience the ultimate in Broadway Style Dance Fitness 

Does this sound familiar?

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You love songs from the musicals and would enjoy getting fit to a soundtrack from the shows! 

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You’re not a dancer but you LOVE to dance!

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You’ve attended other dance fitness classes but they don’t suit your taste in music?

Imagine if you could…

Take part in a unique fitness experience that’ll become your healthiest addiction!

Enjoy a musical theatre dance fitness class without  having dance experience.

Satisfy your inner musical theatre passion and feel like a Broadway star every class! 


It is such an honour to have BBC Strictly’s favourite judge, proudly spreading ChiChi’s message of fun and fabulous dance fitness! We want everyone to indulge in the joy of ChiChi Fit’s musical theatre inspired exercise class, as a participant or as a ChiChi Fit instructor.



ChiChi Fit Musical Theatre Fitness-
Broadway Style Exercise Classes

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Brace yourself for a thrilling fitness experience that will make you feel like a true Broadway star! (no need to be a dancer)

ChiChi Fit offers a one-of-a-kind, Broadway style, dance fitness experience that lets you indulge your love of musicals while achieving your fitness goals. Think Zumba meets Broadway. Whether you attend a class or train to become an instructor, make sure to have your jazz hands ready!

Gold Hat Routine from A Chorus Line
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The easy to follow choreography makes ChiChi Fit suitable for all ages and all abilities. With four ChiChi Fit programmes to choose from, there is something for everyone age 6-106! 

Take a look at our programme for Kids and Teens, our slower paced classes for active older adults, and our seated fitness programme, ChiChi CHAIR.

See a class in action.

A group of ChiChi Fit ladies after class
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ChiChi Fit is a remarkable fusion of empowerment, enjoyment, theatrics, and pure fabulousness. It goes beyond traditional exercise. Not only is it a thrilling cardio workout, but it’s also an effective calorie burner.

Join a class or become an instructor today!

Learning the routine Greased Lightning

ChiChi FIT

Musical Theatre Workout Routine with gold hats

Our signature workout – high cardio fun. Broadway style dance fitness workout for adults. 


ChiChi KIDS take a bow

Dance fitness for Kids! All the fun of ChiChi FIT, specially designed to get kids active.


Lower intesity and lower impact exercise

For our active older adults. A lower intensity workout with an array of show tunes from the golden era of musicals.


ChiChi KIDS take a bow

Seated fitness. A fitness programme specially designed to be performed seated in a chair. Ideal for the elderly and wheelchair users.

behind the magic

ChiChi Fit owes its creation to the brilliant mind of Danella Mercati. Drawing upon her extensive background in musical theatre and dance, and her dedication to fitness and wellbeing (and an opportunity to work with Sir Paul McCartney who gave her life-changing advice!!), Danella merged these passions and realized her dream – a vibrant and theatrical fitness class that places you squarely in the spotlight as the star of the show!

ChiChi Fit offers a fresh and invigorating fitness experience that will redefine how you perceive exercise. Immerse youself in the perfect blend of dance and aerobics, all set to an energetic backdrop of showtunes. Through expertly crafted choreography, you’ll be empowered to look and feel like a dancer, even if you’re not one!

Experience the best of musicals in each class—tracks from Les Misérables, Hamilton, Wicked, SIX, Frozen, Hairspray, Moulin Rouge, and more!

With over 25 years of experience teaching Musical Theatre, Danella possesses the expertise to guide you towards both physical fitness and happiness through the power of dance fitness.

“One thing’s universal, life’s no dress rehearsal”  The Prom

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Become a ChiChi FIT Instructor

Instructors in training

Make your passion your paycheck!

Turn your love for musicals and fitness into an incredible opportunity!

ChiChi Fit’s training will transform your passion into a rewarding career. Whether you’re a performer, a fitness enthusiast, a lover of dance fitness classes, or wanting a career change, we invite you to step into this exciting, showbiz journey where you inspire, impact, and earn. 

Attend a one-day, online training, or, train On-Demand, in your own time, at your own pace, both from the comfort of home.

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Our motto is…

“to sparkle, shine, move, sweat and feel fabulous!”

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instructor TODAY!

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The Reviews Are In

01 ChiChi Fit is just brilliant

“ChiChi Fit is just brilliant, I absolutely love it!! It is by far my favourite way to exercise, and Danella is such a fabulous and inspiring instructor- I’ve learnt a lot and I always have a great work out and feel uplifted, joyous and happy after each class. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!” Barby, Cheltenham


“FAB-U-LOUS! ChiChi is a great cardio and toning work out with routines that are easy to follow but choreography that makes you feel like you’re on a West End stage! Suitable for all abilities, and great fun classes.” Louise, Gloucestershire

02 it was so much fun

“Just did the most fabulous class this morning, filled with classic show tunes, razmataz and sparkle. I worked so hard but it never felt like hard work because it was so much fun!” Rachel, Cheltenham

03 I burned more calories

“In today’s class I burned more calories, spent 9 mins at my peak heart rate and had a higher average & max heart rate than when I do one of my gym’s workouts at home! Plus, it was a lot more fun than burpees! So, dancing really is good for you.” Louise, Cheltenham

03 Totally fabulous

“ChiChi Fit is totally fabulous! I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get fit and have some fun. The uplifting tunes coupled with Danella’s infectious enthusiasm are a winning combination. I am not able to attend live classes usually so I have really appreciated the online classes during lockdown; they have kept me going and lifted my spirits!” Suki, Stroud

04 Highlight Of My Week

“A ChiChi Fit class is the highlight of my week! The combination of the feel-good songs and a proper sweaty workout makes it something I never want to miss. Danella’s enthusiasm and energy is infectious. I can’t stop telling all my friends about how good ChiChi Fit is.” Natalie, Cheltenham

05 Everyone needs to be doing ChiChi fit

“I love ChiChi fit. As a professional musical theatre performer, it keeps my fitness levels up where they need to be so I’m prepared for the next job. Alongside that I keep check of calories burnt on my iWatch and nothing else burns as many calories! You don’t notice as you’re having such a great time dancing to the best songs from shows. Everyone needs to be doing ChiChi Fit.” Myke, London

Winners of UK Enterprise Awards 2023


Find A Broadway Dance Fitness Class near you!


Trying a new fitness class can feel daunting but rest assured that in ChiChi Fit, there’s no need to worry!

In ChiChi FIT you don’t need any prior dance experience. It is suitable for all dance and fitness abilities. Unlike a traditional dance class where you learn specific steps or choreography, dance fitness is all about getting a sweat on and having fun while moving your body. You’ll get swept up in the music and feel like you’re part of a spectacular show! 

Aerobic dancing is up there with the top forms of exercise for weight loss and bettering your overall health. It’s a cardio workout, like jogging, only heaps more fun! Are you ready for a Broadway Boogie? 

Absolutely! ChiChi Fit offers a truly distinctive fitness experience that engages both your body and mind. Dancing is a whole-body workout that’s actually fun. It’s good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it can help with balance and coordination. An hour of dance fitness burns between 300 and 700 calories, about the same as jogging. 

Dance doesn’t just focus on the main five fitness areas – cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance, body composition, and muscular strength. It also boosts your balance, agility, coordination, power, reactivity, and speed.

Musical Theatre dance fitness is the perfect combination of fitness and entertainment, making your workout feel like showbiz rather than a chore. Get ready to embrace the fun, embrace the sweat, and embrace a fitness journey like no other!

For a more gentle, low impact workout, there’s ChiChi ENCORE and if you prefer to be seated as you workout, there’s ChiChi CHAIR

We highly recommend trying an ON-DEMAND class to get a taste of the ChiChi Fit experience. With ChiChi Fit On-Demand, you get unlimited access to a huge variety of classes – ‘shows’. Viewers can pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, and re-watch the show On-Demand as much as they would like.

A bottle of water and your sparkle! Wear comfortable fitness clothes and trainers. Why not treat yourself to fitness wear from ChiChi’s incredible range: CHICHI LEISURE WEAR



Curtain up at 10am. The 'show' ends at 4pm GMT.

(International trainings - timings to suit time zone)




Learn in your own time from anywhere in the world!