ChiChi CHAIR Virtual Training


Join us from the comfort of your own home for a fun virtual training where, in one day, you will learn how to teach the ChiChi CHAIR programme, how to advertise and grow your classes, and have your first class of routines ready and learnt.


  • 10:00am - Curtain up on the virtual stage (Zoom).
  • 45-minute CHAIR class– The class you’ll learn to teach.
  • You will need a resistance band for our strength routines.
  • Learn how to modify routines to be suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Access to ZAZZ, the magical place where your ChiChi career continues to unfold, will be activated during your training day. This is activated by setting up your monthly subscription. You will also gain access to a section of pre-recorded training that can be don on the same day, or in your own time.
  • You will have a brief assessment where an external assessor will drop into the Zoom call and observe you dancing through 2-3 of the routines we have learnt during the day. You will be led by your instructor so there is no requirement to have memorised anything. The qualities they are looking for are your showbiz smile, your energy, your enthusiasm, your potential. These are essential qualities for ChiChi success!
  • Your 1-2-1 call will take place after course completion where you will receive assessment feedback. This is a good opportunity to ask any further questions and get the best advice to move you successfully forward in your ChiChi CHAIR career.